Favourites revealed!

Favourites revealed!

We have been operating as a wellness-focused e-cafe for almost 1.5 years now. 

It's about time to reveal our billboard for the best selling boxes with everyone! 

Our clientele is made up of friends, family, colleagues, online shoppers and customers who befriended us at our push cart roadshow at Novena Velocity, and of course friends of clients who kindly spread the love. 

Let's see which are the common favourites among them!!!


1.  Original Coffee

This flavour comes with 2 options, with probiotic and the other one without. In terms of taste, the one with probiotics tastes slightly sweeter while the one without probiotics tastes more like cappuccino. 

This is our most classic and timeless flavour and it will never go wrong especially when you like to return to basic flavours when life gets tough and complicated. 

Our Original Coffee flavour goes best with Dark Cocoa, of course. 

Psst: If you are a fan of Mskinny Original Coffee, you will fall in love with Vanilla Latte too!  It's the creamier version of Original Coffee.



2. Dark Cocoa 

This is the most versatile beverage in our e-cafe you can make for yourself in a mocha breakfast, a hot chocolate supper or a mid-day pre-dinner hunger suppresser.

Dark Cocoa also goes well with any coffee flavour! It's rich! It's chocolatey! But only 35 calories per sachet! It's definitely a go-to drink before meals to block all sugar and carbohydrates absorption!

My favourite combinations with Dark Cocoa are (in descending sequence):

a. Hazelnut Toffee with Dark Cocoa

b. Vanilla Latte with Dark Cocoa 

c. Mint Latte with Dark Cocoa

d. Earl Grey Latte with Dark Cocoa 

e. Strawberry Latte with Dark Cocoa 

Our dark cocoa is an essential for most of our bundles as a "mixer".

A cup of mocha that consists of a sachet of dark cocoa and a sachet of coffee is only 111kcals! On weekdays, I will usually have a cup of MKC mocha for breakfast and it keeps me full till late lunch hours. 


 3. Fats Flusher 

The latest addition to the wide array of MsKinny coffee/cocoa selection is none other than this instantly popular fat flusher diet jelly. Our very first flavour, the Green Apple African Mango fat flusher jelly has a sister now - the recently launched Orange African Mango fat flusher!

Even though the name "flusher" suggests that you will "flush" out fats from your system, rest assure that the jelly does not cause any toilet run or stomach cramps. 

It effectively suppresses your appetite and is able to reduce 399kcals from your daily calorie intake. 

This is a dream come true for those who do not take caffeine and is always on the go as you can pop 2 sachets into your bag before leaving house for work daily. When you have craving for food or snacks before your lunch or dinner time, just reach out for a convenient sachet from your bag. Simply tear and enjoy instantly anywhere, everywhere.

Don't forget to leave some sachets in your refrigerator because many have shared that they enjoy it the most when chilled. 

Now, share with us... Are you team Original flavour or team Seasonal flavours?

Why not enjoy all three in the Perfect Trio Bundle now!