8 tip to start your exercise momentum!

8 tip to start your exercise momentum!


You wish to work out but you have many other things on your mind stealing your willpower and discipline left for exercising. Below are 8 tips that have helped our founder exercise an average of 17.25 days per month for the past 4 months! Good things must share!



1. Leverage on someone else’s wedding day motivation to get your workout momentum started if you have been less active lately. She is certainly dying to be the most beautiful bride on her big day. The motivation to exercise is the strongest across many not-fitness-guru layman. 


2. Make a workout + diet plan. It’s the most cliché tip but it works. Print out a workout schedule and stick it on your fridge. Follow it religiously daily. Get your recharged self on Sundays to plan for your lazy and tired self for the following week. 


3. Keep your workout to a maximum of 20min for a start. It conserves your willpower and energy for the next day’s workout. Even if you feel very “on” that day and want to work out for 45min, just stick 20 first. Build consistency in the habit of workout first. You may feel free to adjust your exercise timing after 7 days of habit building. 


4. Plan a variety of exercises! Running is exercising, so is yoga. A 20min HIIT workout is most effective when you are homebound or short of time. Put the most intensive exercise on Mondays (i.e. 1 hour gym training) and book an enjoyable night class on Tuesdays with a buddy to maintain high momentum at the start of the week. Squeeze in 10min abs exercises after every HIIT and gym session. 



5. Own a set of comfortable (baggy) workout tops that you can sleep in, work-from-home in, do housework in, go downstairs in and exercise in. It’s a life-changing set of “investment”. It makes working out more convenient and less dreadful. You literally removed a huge inertia (changing to exercise attire) from getting your work out done for the day. 


6. Put all your workout gears in 1 visible space in your living room. The common gears are wireless earphones, smart watch, socks, bottle and your smart phone. It cuts away another reason for your brain to work to remember what to bring and where to fetch these gears all over the house. 


7. Kdrama or any TV show that you enjoy. Make your warm up or 2.4km on treadmill enjoyable by watching kdrama or your favourite tv show while at it! Disallow yourself to watch them if you have not worked out. 


8. Challenge a willing best buddy or spouse to a bet. If you are going to start with working out 7 days a week, make him/her pay you $10 daily for a day that you exercised. Every 1 day that you don’t work out, you have to pay him/her $50. The push and pull factors are strong. Don’t lose!


Disclaimer: Our founder is sharing from her own experience on how she manages to drill the exercising consistency in her busy schedule. She is not a fitness trainer and neither did she receive any of the above tips from anyone. 


We hope that you will apply a thing or two from our blog post to kickstart a healthy and active lifestyle. This post is sincerely brought to you by Team MsKinnyCafe to empower as many women and men to care better for your mental and physical wellness.