FAQ (MskinnyCafe)

What is the recommended consumption?

For maximum results: 1- 2 sachets daily

For maintenance of results: 3-4x weekly

If consume daily, please stop after 3 months for a one month period, before continuing again. For best results.

Maximum consumption: 2 sachets daily


Is it suitable for pregnant woman and breast feeding mothers?

Not suitable for pregnant woman
For breast feeding mums, please consult gynae.


Is it suitable for people with thyroid, high blood pressure or diabetic?

Please consult your doctor before consuming
For mild diabetic, can consume up to 3 times a week.
Consumers with low blood sugar should avoid (since it blocks sugar absorption)


What are the ingredients in the cocoa blocker? Can it be consumed together with the coffee?

L carnitine , l glutamine , cocoa, white kidney beans, chitosan
For maximised results
Yes recommended consumption will be 1 coffee and 1 cocoa sachet a day
They can be taken concurrently


Will stop drinking the cocoa cause the weight to bounce back or it just maintains at where it stops?

It will help to maintain the weight, however a healthy and balanced diet is recommended to maintain the weight. Take up to 3x weekly to maintain.


Is it suitable for both men and women?



Is it recommended to drink it before food or it can be consumed any time of the day?

Take it before meal, it will block fats by absorbing it from the foods we eat.


Are the ingredient fully natural?



Are there any food that cannot be consume together with this coffee?

No alcohol.


Are there any food that cannot be consume together with this cocoa?

If you are taking vitamins, take it before you consume the cocoa because you do not want the blocker to prevent your body from absorbing the nutrients from the vitamins


How long is it recommended to take the coffee in order to see the results?

Usually approximately 1-2 weeks, but kindly note that results will vary among individuals.


Are there any side effects of the cocoa?

People with wheat allergies and shell fish allergies should avoid.
Might cause mild bloating the first few days that disappear in a week once your body gets rid of it.


What is the key difference between cocoa and coffee?

Our coffee acts as a fat burner by increasing your metabolism rate that accelerates the fat burning process.

Cocoa acts as a fat blocker, by blocking sugars and carbs, allowing you to enjoy eat carbs but do away with the unwanted calories.

Results are maximised if you consume them together.


What is the key difference between this slimming coffee vs other slimming coffee out in the market?

The ingredients used in this coffee are safe for consumption. These are ingredients you can find in health foods that help increase metabolism.