About Us

MsKinnyCafe was founded out of passion and true love for the taste and benefits of all Ms.Kinny coffee and cocoa in Dec 2020. The team behind MsKinnyCafe is strongly particular about providing personal touch, ensuring the best value for money options and ensuring that the #MKCFam community experiences the most excellent service from the e-cafe. 


Despite being a wellness beverage company, we fully endorse our community to embrace a healthy lifestyle while enjoying our coffee/cocoa as a booster. Health is the most important asset one can own. Having a positive psychology towards a healthy lifestyle makes everything in your life even more beautiful and enjoyable. 


Formulated in the United States and manufactured in Singapore, Ms.Kinny is a rapidly growing lifestyle and wellness company that offers more than just your usual brew. At Ms.Kinny, we believe in the importance of leading a fulfilled life. 


Dairy free and refined sugar-free, our products are 100% natural and vegan-friendly, with ingredients that you can recognise and trust. Discover our range of wellness offerings and let us be a delicious part of your beauty regime and daily routine.