MsKinnyCafe HK Yuan Yang Lookbook

MsKinnyCafe HK Yuan Yang Lookbook

And.... so we decided to go for a shoot with our latest flavour launch, Hong Kong Yuan Yang. The team behind us have been providing us with very professionally taken images, flattering the beautiful packaging of our slimming beverages and we just wish to add a tinge of personal touch for you, a part of our #MKCFam community. 

Breakfast, to us, is the most important meal to our daily routine. It sets the mood right for you to look through your to-do list with positive vibes. The best kind of breakfast for us can either be a traditional kaya toast set with soft boiled eggs and a cuppa yuan yang or a western style eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce and a cup of cappuccino. 

It's super important to start your day with a smile! Featuring Novell, an entrepreneur and ambassador to a prestigious skincare brand.  

This CNY, we have specially launched this flavour which brings the best of both worlds of coffee and tea together, Hong Kong Yuan Yang. If you are a fan of bubble tea because you love the fusion of milk and tea, this flavour is surely a must-try. It stands out distinctively from the other flavours in our collection with the blend of tea. The taste sits balanced in between a milky cuppa tea and an unsweetened cuppa coffee, a suitable daily drink for a lover of both tea and coffee. :)

We love it when we prepare our beverage because the aroma of the tea and coffee will engulf the air and it makes your mind really thirsty for the delicious drink.  

We believe in our slimming beverage because it is manufactured in Singapore and all our ingredients are approved by the Singapore Food Agency. Be assured that it does not contain any banned ingredients which can potentially be detrimental to health. After all, health is the most important asset that anyone owns. No compromise on that please.

As women, we seriously have so many roles to juggle. Climbing the corporate ladder, coupled with duties of a wife and mother, many women find it difficult to slot in time for self care and grooming. Weight loss has always been a constant worry for many. Count your blessings to have come across our site as our beverages serve only one purpose, to keep you happy and slim! And healthy of course. 

CNY is just around the corner! Many coffee tables are already stacked up with arrowhead chips, pineapple tarts, salted egg lotus roots and seaweed popiah cracker. MsKinny coffee is must-have this season to ensure your weight does not sky rocket amidst the steamboat and mindless snacking on the CNY goodies!

You are safe in our hands. We have consulted doctors, nutritionists, dieticians and personal trainers on our ingredients and we can assure you that our ingredients are 100% natural and plant based. Many of our clients have testified that it does not cause diarrhea or uncomfortable stomach upset because we don't believe in drastic results. Gradual and healthy weight loss / maintenance is the way to go!

Some say that our new flavour Yuan Yang has stronger taste of tea while others comment that the coffee is stronger. It's definitely subjective for you to find out. What we are sure is that it's still extremely yummy and effective towards your weight loss goals. 

With every purchase of 2 boxes of our seasonal CNY flavour, we are happy to shower you with these beautiful gifts, a limited edition MsKinny nail wrap and red packets!

Don't keep this healthy yummy slimming secret to yourself! Share it with all your gym buddies, spinning buddies and kopi buddies. We have built a referral rewards program which we will personally message you if you have carted out from MsKinnyCafe before. 

We have also been secretly packing an aesthetically pleasing MsKinnyCafe double walled glass mug for every customer who carted out at least 2 boxes of coffee/cocoa. Only the best vibes for the most beautiful and unique you. :) We only brought in limited quantities. While stocks last! 

We have exciting plans coming up in March and April! Stay tuned!


Thanks for viewing our first lookbook till the end. 

We sincerely appreciate it.

 With love, 

Team MsKinnyCafe